Roberto Alejandro Pérez (1958 - )

Roberto Alejandro Pérez born in Buenos Aires in 1958. 

Started his musical studies in classical guitar at the age of 8, with 11 started his studies in piano.

From 1973 to 1983 studied piano with Zbigniew Neuhoff, and from 1975 to 1978 studied harmony, counterpoint and composition with Jacobo Ficher.

At 1984 obtained his graduation in Conducting at the Facultad de artes y Ciencias Musicales de la Universidad Católica Argentina.

From 1984 attended training courses in the areas of conducting, analysis,  chamber music, ancient music in Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Zlin, and so on.


At 1983 creates in Buenos Aires the Chamber Orchestra De la Manzana de Las Luces with whom worked until 1987. Among other formations founded and directed the Camerata Haydn, the Camerata de Las Luces, Madeira Camerata, Camerata Esproarte, and so on.

Conducted orchetras in Argentina Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic.

As teacher, taught in FCAM of UCA (Ar), Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (Ar), Escola de Música de Brasília (Br), Universidades Federais da Bahia e Goiânia  (Br), Universidade de Aveiro (Pt), Escola Superior de Artes de Castelo Branco (Pt), Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Pt), Universidade de Évora and Instituto Universitário Afonso III (Pt).


Has recorded two CD's, with the Madeira Classical Orchestra and the Esproarte Orchestra, with works by Bruckner, Tchaicovscky, Saint Saens, Debussy, Hindemith, Piazzolla, Lindembergue Cardoso and Haydn.


Has recorded Aquarium, music for choir using traditional themes from Madeira Island.

Composed the music for Retrato CD, a studied about the work developed by Manuel Dias Nunes wrote by Dr. Paulo Lima.


Has presented works of: Gustavo Jurio, Gustavo Davico, Hernán Cibils, Christopher Bochmann, Lindembergue Cardoso, Nuno Henriques, Josep Soler, Phillip Martin, Roger Price, Sérgio Azevedo, Boris Papandopulo, Walter Schultz Portalegre, Alberto Nepomuceno, Lindembergue Cardoso and Ernst Widmer and João Arroyo and young Portuguese composers as Manuel Durão, Tiago Derriça and Gonçalo Gato (among others)


Wrote works for Analysis courses, Orchestration, Coral conducting and was quite a few collaborations in Portugal and Argentine magazines.

As a composer, presented his works in Argentine, Portugal and Italy.

Lives in Portugal since 1988.

Currently is teaching at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboal, at the Conservatório Regional do Baixo Alentejo and at INUAF.

He regularly collaborates with the Nova Orquestra de Lisboa e Collegium Musicum de Portimão.


In 2009 culminated his PhD: Lindembergue Cardoso, compositional techniques and attitudes, the student and the composer Évora University under the direction of Professor Dr Christopher Bochmann.

Since October 2009 is Professor in the INUAF-Instituto Superior Afonso III in Algarve.

Since 2009 he is a member of UnIMeM (Evora) and the Centro de Pesquisa em Ciências da Educação of INUAF.

Since September 2010 is Auxiliar Professor in the Department of Music at the Universidade de Évora.

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