Edgar Saramago

Edgar Saramago was born in 1943 and he began studying music in 1952 .

He studied violin, piano, general music theory, jazz, choral conducting and orchestral conducting, in Angola, in the United States and in Netherlands.

He was a teacher of music theory and choir and conductor of choirs and orchestras in Netherlands and Portugal.

He is an honorary member of the Chamber Music Association of the Netherlands (Amsterdam section).

Since 1985 he administrates courses  of coral conducting and vocal technique.

He is qualified as a Trainer Specialist in the Musical Training area.

Currently retired, he directs a choir and studies the difficult art of writing didactic musical textbooks. The more he teaches, the he more learns.

He is preparing the post-mortem application to become a Celestials Choirs Maestro.

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Manual de Música - Sete teorias

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