Pontes de Vanguarda

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Ref. IRFC.10.159

Pontes de Vanguarda

António Rosa – Clarinet

António Oliveira – Piano


The Project XXI is a duo created in 1988 by the clarinetist António Rosa and the pianist António Oliveira. Since then, they have been presenting themselves in recitals all over the country and several others like Spain, U.S.A., or Canada. They have presented for the first time pieces from the composers Telmo MarquesSonata AcrílicaMarco BarrosoHipotCarlos MarquesMari´s and have others commissioned to premiere from composers Paulo PerfeitoAurelien Lino and José Eduardo. They have recorded for RDP Antenna 2 in January 2007, and presented their first CD, with music from contemporary Portuguese composers entitled “Projecto XXI” presented in ClarinetFest 2007 Vancouver, Lleida Festival and ClarinetFest 2008 Kansas City and ClarinetFest 2009 Porto. The second album entitled “Pontes de Vanguarda” has just been recorded and will be soon on the road to be presented.


CD "Tempos de Vanguarda"

Blackwood Sonic Sculptures - Moderato - Paulo Perfeito

Blackwood Sonic Sculptures - Andante Lento - Paulo Perfeito

Blackwood Sonic Sculptures - Giocoso Paulo Perfeito

Blackwood Sonic Sculptures - Prelúdio e Hard Rock Paulo Perfeito


Sonata Acrílica - I. Allegro Risoluto Telmo Marques

Sonata Acrílica - II. Andante Telmo Marques

Sonata Acrílica - III. Adagio Telmo Marques

 Sonata Acrílica - IV. Allegro Telmo Marques


Hipot  Marco Barroso


Confabulando - Jazzy  Zé Eduardo

Confabulando - Moderato Zé Eduardo

Confabulando - Moderato com ritmo  Zé Eduardo