Movimento Dúbio

Paulo Jorge Ferreira (1966)

Ref. ava131046

Movimento Dúbio

Movimento Dúbio


 Clarinete solo

In this work, dedicated to my ex-student of chamber music at the Superior School of Arts in Castelo Branco, Sérgio Neves, I try to show some of the potential of the clarinet, an instrument with so many skills.

It is a piece with five principal blocks, characterized by an undefined direction and atmosphere.

It starts with a part in a almost improvised style, mysterious sometimes. The movement becomes, little by little, more excited, culminating with an effect (simulating wind) that intends put an end to a precipitate scenery. The second block presents at first, a sad and lamentable character, and has in the same way an evolution of movement. The third part is clearly of a virtuosic character (maybe the part where is the least indefinite) where the rhythmic component is essential, marked by the contrast in pitch and by an auditive suggestion of two, sometimes three instruments in simultaneous performance. This section ends in fade-out. The fourth block (the shortest), with an ambient which is a little fragile (always piano and pianissimo), is formed by rhythmic sequences, characterized by single-quaver pauses between them. The last part starts in a somewhat similar style to the beginning of the composition, in an undefined perspective, and through there is some indication that it will develop in its movement, the work ends quite calmly. 


Paulo Jorge Ferreira



Listen to an excerpt:

solo "Movimento Dúbio"

Sérgio Neves - clarinet