Cinco Borboletas para Olga

Sérgio Azevedo (1968 - )

Ref. ava080178

Cinco Borboletas para Olga

Instrumentation: flute, clarinet Bb/bass clarinet, piano (ossia: accordion) 




I.          Inquieto

II.         Barcarola

III.        Tarantela

IV.        Chaconne   

V.         Alla Danza


Duration: 12'


Cinco Borboletas para Olga [Five Butterflies for Olga]   At the request of Olga Prats, I wrote the Cinco Borboletas para Olga in August of 2006 for a trio of students of ESART, who completed their masters degrees under her guidance at the ESML/UN. As one might expect, a vast repertoire for flute, clarinet and accordion does not exist; rather, groups like this depend on the composition of new works or on arrangements of original works - the latter being far from ideal.  At the same time that I added to the group’s repertoire, I took advantage of the opportunity to pay homage to Olga Prats, who, in 2007, when this piece was premiered, celebrated the 55th year of her artistic career.  This date was also duly noted with a book of memories of the pianist, which I organized.  The title refers simply to Olga’s love for butterflies.  Each one of the movements, or “butterflies,” has a very different character, from the slightly crazed happiness of the tarantella, to the gravity of the chaconne, and in my opinion, mirrors, in a playful and unpretentious manner, the multifaceted activities of Olga as an artist.


© by Sérgio Azevedo