A Fábrica dos Sons

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A Fábrica dos Sons

A Fábrica dos Sons presents the voice of Maria de Medeiros with the discursive subtlety and perfect diction of the Portuguese language which characterize the oral splendour of the prestigious actress and director. In Pluharlieder, written in German, we enjoy the telluric strength and expressive intensity of Erika Pluhar, one of the biggest symbols of her country in the sphere of the Austrian traditional song and of the “café-concerto”.     

The Pluharlieder, as the name itself tells us, associates the symphonic piece to the author of the texts and its vocal performer. A Fábrica dos Sons, on the contrary, is or seems to be independent from the interpreter’s identity, generally speaking. However, this specific characteristic conceals a crucial analogy. Both voices are feminine and are also strongly related to the composer. Maria de Medeiros is his daughter and Erika Pluhar is his artistic partenaire since decades in shows all over the world.

Alejandro Erlich Oliva
(extr.) Lisboa, Maio de 2004


1 / 12 - A Fábrica dos Sons op.45 - 50’24’’

Orquestra Sinfónica “Tonkünstler” de Viena
Direcção: António Victorino D’Almeida
Narradorar: Maria de Medeiros

Pluhar Lieder op.75

13 - O que sonhamos - 03’18’’
14 - Estar no fim - 04’02’’
15 - Esquece a sorte - 03’06’’
16 - Deixa-me só - 02’50’’
17 - Pois que seja - 02’01’’
18 - Deixa que aconteça - 03’27’’
19 - Os heróis - 03’26’’
20 - Canção do passado - 03’04’’

Orquestra da Brucknerhaus de Linz
Direcção: António Victorino D’Almeida
Voz: Erika Pluhar

Tempo total: 01’15’38’’