Compêndio de Exercícios para Trompa

J. Bernardo Silva (1979 - )

Ref. ava110652

Compêndio de Exercícios para Trompa

This compendium of exercises to horn aims to support the daily study. As a horn player and teacher, for years I was missing  a practical and concise publication that join the various aspects of a daily routine of study. Caused by students and colleagues, I decided to finally accept the challenge.

There are obviously excellent publications that address each of the various issues, (either heating, scales or exercises to work the various technical aspects) but often end up removing some ideas of each of these publications and moldamo them to our own needs and objectives. This compendium is the result of my own experiences and routines that I was creating with the years and many hours of study devoted to the instrument.

Many of these exercises were developed from various sources: some are unique in that they arise from the trial and others are exercises that I was listening to teachers, colleagues and students, and was shaping, adapting and expanding in order to serve my own needs. Above all, this is the compendium of daily exercises that are part of my study and help me to maintain and improve my technic. In my view, every performer should feel free to adapt, organize and use the exercises in order to feel more useful to the study.

At the beginning of each chapter I leave some notes and advice about the exercises study mode, in order to contribute to greater success, achieving the objectives and so that no aspect is left to oblivion.

From personal experience I consider that daily work is the basis of our form and technique. It is essential that our study routine encompasses as many aspects that make up the instrument practice. As an orchestral player, I know about the requirement to always find me fit and able to play the repertoire that is required , so I try to build as many aspects in my study routine. A good and proper heating is important, but by itself insufficient, aspects like flexibility, scales, sound, trills, etc., have to be exercised daily.

I hope that this compendium helps each one to work, every day, to improve their technique and level of performance.

J. Bernardo Silva